maanantai 6. toukokuuta 2013 is everywhere...

So..a few things have been bothering me lately…or OK..let´s be honest and speak like adults for this one time..if only for this one time. No fuck it…this is not the one time we will speak like adults about anything at all…there will be many times more..especially when we eventually will get in to everybody's favorite subject…fucking… name it!! But now to the point of  at least one thing that has been bothering me about something that I find completely insane. So let us get to the point before half of you fall asleep from all this horse shit, or even better..before I take the last sip of this cheap blended malt and end up hating this subject even more.
RACISM…there..I said it..yes…it´s very close to the N word is it not?!! A ticking time bomb. Everybody's favorite child right now in Finnish politics and in coffee rooms all over the country. Or at least that is what the newspapers and internet media in general try to tell you over and over. Today I will go straight to the point, not only because I am slightly intoxicated and bored about all the gibberish I read in the newspapers and on the internet, but because this point is so painfully obvious that I fail to understand how this still is being debated all over any goddamn media I get my hands or ears on. So here it is…let´s hear it…
Being critical against immigration politics is not racism!! Get it?? Political correctness is ruining any real debate on many issues today in Finnish society. And you don´t have to look far to fully understand how “well” that will work out..(yes I am implying our big brother to the west of us have fucked up in a major way, by not allowing people to speak like adults on the few subjects that would actually require it). Criticism against any politics is politics, regardless of how your restricted little worldview feel about it. That is what politics is. Get your heads out of your asses and demand the truth, not political correctness.
If this attitude keep growing in Finnish media and around coffee tables, pretty soon we will find ourselves in a situation where it will be politically incorrect, wrong, or even racism to state that Hitler was a Nazi…or that he was one of the biggest monsters of modern history, who would have deserved to get his nails ripped out and rusty nails spiked through his hands, while having to watch reruns of Finnish big brother for eternity…dubbed in German of course…
Thank you for dropping by and stay critical people…nothing is ever objective!! Not even this piece or anything I will ever write!!

tiistai 26. maaliskuuta 2013

Welcome (and random rant on Finland)

Welcome to the land of hypocrisy. The land populated by worshipers of the one and only true god that is money. The land where sharing a bottle of wine over a three course dinner on a workday is considered having a drinking problem, but having four or five bottles of the strongest booze you can find during the weekend is considered not only manly, but almost mandatory in most social circles. If you say no to the most common question in this country, which is “do you want something to drink?”, you will get the same kind of reaction a gorilla jerking off a horse at a zoo would get. “What the fuck is wrong with you?…you probably eat rabbit food and like to smell your sisters underwear as well?” The official stance of the government is naturally that they are worried and that we should find a way to get the population to drink less. But with tax incomes of around €2 billion from alcohol alone every year, I think it is safe to at least question the true motives. We are paying for our education, healthcare and social welfare by getting as shit faced as humanly possible every weekend, and every other Wednesday of the week. Which reminds me, it is Wednesday tomorrow. Maybe it is time to start early this week.
How is that for an introduction? Nothing quite beats a sudden burst of passionate political diarrhea. It is not  like I hate this country, quite the contrary. This country displayed in my own mind a great trait of common sense compared to many other places in the world, but in the last 20 years or so we have experienced an exponential downfall of everything that used to be good. We did not need to be told from left and right, up and down about the hazards of smoking or drinking or even about them dreadful drugs. We had the common sense to understand the risks of our actions and gamble with our own health if wanted to. That is the key here. We are free but for how long? Or at least we live in a beautiful illusion of freedom. “Here..before you take that wonderful 15 minute morning shit after the first cup of coffee and a cigarette..would you please fill out form 3c…just the basics…projected consistency and length of feces…and don´t forget we are here to help you make better choices..or even better..let us make them for you!”
This is turning in to a strange rant with no end in sight so we might as well call it a night. This space will slowly and regularly be filled up with the absolute subjective truth. Welcome to “Political gibberish, sports and other nonsense”.